The revolution in grooming

HandsOn Gloves, innovative revolutionary approach from the USA, to groom your animal.


With HandsOn Gloves you can brush, wash and massage your animal wet and dry.


The best deshedder simply and easily releases dirt and accumulated hair.

Tactile touch

The gloves tactile touch gently cleans sensitive areas.

Spring time

time to get rid off your animals long and thick winter coat

The 5 fingered grooming gloves are a perfect combination of long scrubbing nodules on fingers and short scrubbing nodules on palms to massage, brush or wash your animal. Your gloves will not slip or fall off even when wet or soapy. It is a lightweight and extremely durable. It doesn’t crack, tear or even mildew. Your hands and fingernails stay clean because of the waterproof coating on the fingers and you won’t sweat as the top of the gloves is made out of breathable nylon.

With HandsOn gloves you can groom all kind of coats, it doesn’t matter if it is short or long hair. With it’s versatile, flexible grip you can easily handle water hoses, shampoo bottles, lead ropes and leashes. Manure and other four-smelling stains are much easier to clean. The animal hair doesn’t stick to the gloves. An easy flick to the wrist and the hair instantly releases so you can go right back to caring for your animal. Regular brushing of cats and dogs significantly reduces hair maze and the natural shedding.

The gloves tactile touch gently cleans all sensitive areas like legs, faces, ears and tight body contours. An additional benefit is giving by the possibility of a two-handed grooming what makes the brushing and the massage more intense. It massages muscles and stimulates circulation while helping to distribute natural oils for a healthy skin and coat. HandsOn grooming and petting allows you to connect with your animals on a level far beyond other grooming products. Anxious animals can very easily be used to grooming care. Especially puppies, kitten and foals learn playful through “grooming by hands” trust in people. Your cat, dog and horse will love it!